• Stray Dog Lager

    Try our flagship beer, Stray Dog Lager. We use
    caramel and munich malts for a malty sweetness.
    The precise addition of hops allows the
    maltiness to be fully appreciated.
  • Brewmaster Jack

    Founded in 2011, we are a beer company based in
    Northampton, MA. All of our beer is produced
    locally. Click on the "Beer" heading to see
    where you can find our flagship beer, Stray
    Dog Lager.
  • Drink Local Beer

    All of our beer is produced right here
    in the Pioneer Valley using ingredients and
    raw materials from local companies. Click
    on the "About Us" heading to learn more
    about our commitment to buying locally.

Brewmaster Jack

Brewmaster Jack was started in 2011 by Northampton, MA resident Tyler Guilmette. We currently produce four year-round styles (Stray Dog Lager, Ambrewsia Imperial IPA, Total Eclipse Rye Porter, and Aquila Pale Ale) along with several limited release offerings. Keep an eye out for more styles to be released in the future. You can stay updated on the latest beer news by following us on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

As a company, we believe in buying locally. That's why we are currently working with Valley Malt in Hadley, Massachusetts (one of just two malting facilities east of Wisconsin and one of the only small-scale malthouses in the country) to incorporate local grains into our recipe. All of our current and future recipes will include at least 25% organic, locally-malted grain with the eventual goal of improving to 100%.

Brewmaster Jack is proud to have our beer produced at Paper City Brewery in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Upcoming Events

Tasting at Whole Foods

March 27, 2014
1 PM to 6 PM
327 Russell Street
Hadley, MA

Tasting at Four Seasons

March 28, 2014
4 PM to 7 PM
333 Russell Street
Hadley, MA

Tasting at New England Wine and Spirits

March 29, 2014
3 PM to 6 PM
155 State Street
Newburyport, MA

Tasting at Westfield Spirit Shop

March 30, 2014
1 PM to 4 PM
440 Southampton Road
Westfield, MA